Unique Feeders
Mealworms/ Tenebrio Molitor
King Mealworms/Zophobus Morio
Thermobius Domestica/Tropical Firebrats
Milkweed Bugs
Super High Quality Beetle Jelly
Hulled Sunflower Seeds
Ideal feeder for Dart frogs,Newts, spiders and
salamanders Promotes natural feeding. At 12mm
long these are ideal feeders for everyone.
Unique feeder just introduced for salamanders and
poison arrow frogs.These soft bodies bugs are easy to
care for and raised to ensure that they are safe to
consume .
Milkweed Bugs
50 count $25
Orange Isopods
Standard Isopods
Dwarf White Isopods
Porcellio Laevis/ Tan Sow Bugs
Porcellio Sp
Trichorhina Tomentosa
$30 for  50 Count
$20 for 50 Count
$20 for culture 40 plus
100 count $20
Banana Flavor Jelly 6
Coconut Beetle Jelly 6
Cocconut Beetle Jelly
Banana Beetle Jelly
Hulled Sunflower seeds
Lactaic Acid Jelly 6 cups
Brown Sugar Jelly 6 Cups
Florida Brown Isopods (very prolific)
$10 for 25 count
King mealworms
Porcellio Calico Isopods
$10 for 20 count